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Learn to Paint Dynamic
Portraits & Figures in Oil

Online Video Course
With Adam Clague

Painting people can be intimidating! Portraits and figures demand a high degree of accuracy, and by the time you get everything "right," your figure ends up looking stiff, or your painting isn't as loose as you'd like. If that sounds familiar, you're not alone—I've been there!

I'm excited to show you how to conquer these difficulties (and many more) in this online course. I'll share the most powerful and essential elements of painting people I've learned as a career painter and instructor.
This course is packed with hours of video demos and numerous written lessons. I'll present each lesson in a clear, organized way, with no "fluff" or confusing language.

You won’t just learn how to paint people. You’ll also learn how to improve as efficiently as possible through powerful exercises designed to strengthen your skills and help you paint people with confidence!

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll learn…

How to Paint People
That are Accurate
Yet Full of Life

  • Conquer proportions with the 4 Actions for Accurate Proportions
  • Create figures that are dynamic, not stiff
  • Achieve accurate
    proportions early on
    when working from life
  • Mix realistic skin colors with my simple mixing methods
  • Paint loosely and painterly
    for a spontaneous look

How to Create Paintings
That Stand Out From the Crowd

(Available With Course Options 2 & 3)
  • Draw your viewers from across the room
    with the 3 Principles for Powerful Picture-Making
  • Avoid an "off-balance" picture
  • Lead your viewer on an exciting journey through your piece
  • Create that eye-catching "pop" with a dynamic value pattern
  • Learn to compose with intention as I dissect
    and analyze some of my most successful paintings


How to Make Your People
Come to Life In 3-D Form

  • Depicting 3-D form
    convincingly with
    the 6 Value Zones
  • Avoiding the "flat" look
    by learning to accurately
    compare values
  • Overcoming the #1 struggle
    of my workshop attendees
  • Avoiding edges
    that look cut out
  • Turning the form
    with cools and warms

What Students Say About My Teaching

"I love how Adam teaches in a calm, peaceful and logical manner. I personally have had my greatest growth in skill by his instruction."

— Desiree Y.
"Adam is a truly gifted artist, as confirmed by the many top awards he has received. He is a compassionate instructor, who openly shares his wealth of knowledge with his students. His observations and guidance are presented in understandable language with great empathy."

— Teddy J.
"Taking one of Adam's workshops was not only an art learning experience but a relaxed and enjoyable one. His demos were very informative, a true reflection of his talent and his command of the oil medium."

— John U.

Can I Really Learn
To Paint Online?

Yes! In fact, there are several things about this online course that are better than an in-person workshop:

In the Typical
In-Person Workshop…
  • You furiously take notes so you don't miss anything the instructor says.

  • You have to travel and pay for lodging and meals.

  • The instructor may not present concepts in a cohesive, orderly manner.

  • You feel overwhelmed with mountains of info crammed into just a few days.

  • After it's over, you're left wondering, "where do I go from here?"
In This
Online Course…
  • You can pause, rewind, and watch as many times as you need! Plus, you'll receive lifetime access, so you can always go back and refresh.
  • You can take this course in the comfort of your own home or studio.
  • Each lesson is carefully written for clear instruction and zero fluff. Each new lesson builds on the last to help you improve your people paintings one step at a time.
  • This course is packed with valuable content, but you can enjoy it at your own speed and take as long as you like.
  • You won't just learn how to paint people. You'll also learn how to improve. Throughout the course, there are powerful exercises that can help you continue to improve—even after you've finished all the lessons!

Choose From 3 Options:

What's included:

• Several hours of video
• Many written lessons with images


What's included:

• Many hours of video
• Dozens of written lessons with images


What's included:

• Many hours of video

• Dozens of written lessons with images

• Personal critiques / consultations

(*Limited spots available)

Enrollment for this online course
will open 2018

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